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Services: Website Development


RichWare has a product called Web Rapid Development (WRD). This site was built on WRD and each site can have its own unique look. We can have your web site up and  running in less than a day and as new features are made available you can obtain them at a nominal subscription fee. The standard production has, but is not limited to the following:

  • Virtually unlimited pages.
  • You can edit your own content.
  • Slide show(s).
  • Any colors you want.
  • Administration functions.
  • Visit counts by date and page.

We are currently including add-ons and custom functions to WRD. Here are a few:

  • BlogWare (under development)
  • MailWare - Email feature
  • VolunteerWare - Allows entry of volunteer hours with reports
  • EventCalendar


Service Annual Subscription Rate
Basic WRD $200
BlogWare $120
MailWare $60
VolunteerWare $60
Event Calendar $60

Sample websites using Web Rapid Development